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A reminder of our Roman heritage

Win one of 230 glass portraits
Five times the experience!

The five "Rome’s Flowing Frontiers" exhibitions at their five different venues invite you to step back in time and discover what Roman life was like in North Rhine-Westphalia. Features of the exhibitions include replicas of Roman ships, an escape room located at one of the original sites, a rebuilt Limes structure, special events and stunning new finds. 

Find out about the Germanic peoples’ relations with the Roman populations living on the other side of the frontier in Detmold, learn about Roman military activities along the Limes in Xanten, immerse yourself in the diversity of the everyday lives of the people on the eastern and western banks of the Rhine in Bonn, experience the last hours of the Roman camp at Aliso in Haltern am See, and marvel at incredible displays depicting “Rome on the Rhine” in Cologne!

Die Wort-Bild-Marke "Roms fließende Grenzen" mit einem roten Kreis unten links, einer hellblauen längs verlaufenden geschlängelten Linie mittig und einem grün-türkisfarbenen Quadrat oben rechts
Ein hochkant stehhender Glaswürfel mit der 3D-Gravur einer Damen-Büste mit römischer Bekleidung und römischer Frisur
Win your own personal exhibition souvenir

There are 230 souvenirs to win - one for each kilometre of the Lower Germanic Limes in North Rhine-Westphalia. The winners will be selected from everyone who visits at least four of the five exhibitions. The authentic portrait of a Roman woman from Cologne as the “face” of the Archaeological Exhibition of North Rhine-Westphalia serves to remind us of our Roman heritage and the people who once lived and worked here.

You will be given a credit card size stamp card at the first exhibition you visit. Be sure to have the card stamped every time you visit one of the exhibitions.


Rules of entry
Das Foto der Außenseiten einer aufgeklappten Stempelkarte mit einem Beschreibungstext, einer römischen Frauenbüste und der Wort-Bild-Marke "Roms fließende Grenzen"

When you have visited four, or even all of the exhibition venues, and your stamp card is (almost) full, send it together with your contact details to the following address so that it arrives by 14 November 2022

Ministerium für Heimat, Kommunales,
Bau und Gleichstellung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
Referat 515
Jürgensplatz 1
D-40219 Düsseldorf, Germany

or take a photograph or scan a copy of your card and send it by email to 

Please make sure that you agree to your data being used to process the draw. The winners will be chosen by the end of November 2022 at the latest. If you are one of the winners, the glass portrait will be sent to you in the post. The contact details of all entrants will be deleted at the latest two weeks after the prizes have been posted. Participants must be over 18. Members of the “Rome’s Flowing Frontiers” project team are not permitted to enter the competition. There is no possibility of recourse to legal action.